We have written a lot about the continued Florida roofing scams that are plaguing Florida homeowners. Once again, a local news source has shined a light on these terrible criminals. We care about our local communities and want to protect our neighbors, friends and clients. A growing number of individuals are trying to profit from the insurance claims process by convincing unsuspecting homeowners that they need a new roof. Unfortunately, Florida roofing scams STILL continue.

An Orlando Action 9 investigation revealed how a roofing company recently “hijacked” an Orange County man’s insurance claim for hail damage that didn’t exist. The “hijacked” tool of choice? Assignment of Benefits. This is the same scam that lead to the arrest of a Tampa Kingpin. The recent Orlando report is the same roofing company that Action 9 exposed two months ago for claiming hail damaged a roof in Oviedo and it wanted an AOB. Click below to watch this two-minute news story that reveals how “assigning your benefits can be so risky.”

How To Prevent This From Happening To You

Make sure you take these three steps first in protecting yourself from a roofing insurance scam.

1Beware of anyone who solicits your business or tries to convince you they can get you something for free.

2. Don’t sign contracts you don’t fully understand. Many companies only require you to sign a work authorization form. Any contract that states “assignment of benefits” is something that needs to be read carefully to fully understand the impact on you.

3. Understand your coverage. Insurance is for sudden unexpected events not for normal wear-and-tear.