‘Tis the Season for… special events!

The holidays are always a great reason to get friends, family and co-workers together to celebrate. Whether it’s a federal or religious holiday, a graduation, wedding, holiday performance, sporting event,  or company sponsored event, organizers tend to put a lot of time in preparations but sometimes fail to plan for the unexpected. Yes, things can go wrong. The question is – Are you covered if something goes wrong?? There are a few things to consider if you plan on hosting one.

How to prepare for a holiday party

  • Will alcohol be served? The biggest issue where there are cases of injury is when alcohol is involved.  Hire a professional bartender if you are hosting the event. If you do, make sure they have proper liability insurance. The bartender can also limit the amount of alcohol that is being served and spot anyone that has had too much. Consider offering a transportation service like Uber or Lyft.
  • Is food going to be served at the event?  Additional risks exist when food is cooked and served. (ie. Volunteer injuries themselves, food poisoning, fires).
  • Where will it be held? The event may have to be canceled if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Also, consider the option to have the party at a different location other than your personal residence or office to avoid additional liability exposure. If it is held at a restaurant they will have liquor liability in place.
  • When will it be held? Maybe do a daytime or lunch outing that way alcohol will be limited. Have a specific cocktail hour or drink tickets to minimize too much usage and even offer coffee or tea.
  • Is cash stored on the premises? Cash management procedures must be considered if cash is present.
  • Will minors attend the event? Events with minors require more supervision and security.
  • Does the event involve physical activities? Waivers/Consent may need to be completed prior to the activity taking place

The risks you face depend on your event—and insurance solutions for event organizers are contingent on the type and scale of your events. Whatever the size or nature of your events, we can help you find the right solution.

You might want to consider what we call special event insurance. If you have the party at a specific venue it might even be required.

Any time you have a group of people together like a Christmas party you should be prepared for a slip-up or an unexpected accident. As mentioned, anything can happen from food poisoning, a trip and fall, a child could slip and fall on a hayride to someone drinking too much and attempting to drive a vehicle.

Whatever the case the main reason is to have a great time with friends and co-workers at Christmas parties and be SAFE..

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