Screen_Shot_2015-10-13_at_12.33.55_PMNow that we are nearing the end of the 2015 Hurricane Season we have so much to reflect on. From the tragic loss of life on the cargo ship El Faro from Hurricane Joaquin to the devastating floods in South Carolina.

All the experts and technology in the world still cannot predict or protect us in certain situations.  The owners of El Faro maintain the captain had a “sound plan” to avoid Hurricane Joaquin but the ship’s main propulsion failed and stranded the crew.

When that ship sailed out of Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday the conditions were favorable.  The Captain was monitoring the tracking and was actually more concerned about the return trip from Puerto Rico. Well, the storm became a Category 4 hurricane within 36 hours from leaving Jacksonville with 140 mile-an-hour winds and 40 plus foot seas. Again, all the technology on the planet could not predict this and the tragic loss of 33 lives was the worst possible case scenario.

Then, we have a freak weather system that connects with feeder bands from Hurricane Joaquin and pummels the state of South Carolina for days with 1,000-year storm and floods.

When you look at the fact 17 people lost their lives, over 9 breached Dams, over 400,000 people on boil water advisories, over 260 roads & 140 bridges closed, not to mention over a billion dollars of damage, no one could have predicted this.

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