If there is one thing that people living in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana have learned by now, Mother Nature can be unrelenting.  Storms bring wind, rain, and all too often, flooding.  Although renters might have plenty of protection for the things in their rental home, some don’t consider flood insurance, even though if you live in a floodplain, most experts strongly recommend this coverage.  “Regular” renter’s insurance rarely covers items that have been damaged in a flood. Extra protection is needed for your things.

Forbes magazine found that only 2% of all renters living in flood planes have flood insurance, while about 20% of homeowners have the protection. 

Flood waters don’t care whether you own your home or rent, if you live in an area that is considered to be in a floodplain, even if you rent, you should consider renters flood insurance to protect your belongings and to keep from having to replace damaged goods from your own pocket.


Residents in floodplains need to have insurance to protect their important and valuable items from rivers, oceans, or other bodies of water that often overflow banks and flood homes as a result of the rain associated with hurricanes and other tropical disturbances.  The alternative to flood insurance is to pay for replacement appliances and furniture damaged by floods out of your own pocket.

Owners with Florida flood renters insurance will find that it is less expensive for renters to have a flood insurance policy with this kind of protection than it costs homeowners. If you already have traditional renter’s insurance it probably will not cover flooding from external water sources.

What is covered

Florida Flood Renters Insurance pays for:

  • Furniture, electronic equipment, and other personal equipment,
  • Portable air conditioners,
  • Washers and dryers,
  • Microwaves and non-built-in dishwashers,
  • Freezers and their contents,
  • Curtains,
  • Sometimes other valuables such as art, often with a limit of the maximum to be paid.

Let’s face it, all of Florida is a potential flood zone

People who live in low or moderate risk zones flooding should also consider purchasing flood insurance.  The National Flood Insurance Program has found that 25% of all flood insurance claims are in low and moderate risk zones and as more storms are called two hundred year floods or once a century storms, more homes are likely to be flooded.  People who live in these areas need to ensure they have proper coverage.

Flood insurance can help save a lot of stress for people who already have a lot of think about.  Take some of the stress out of your life if you live in areas that are likely to flood by purchasing renter’s flood insurance.

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