When planning for the future many people know how to plan for the expected and what risks to take versus which ones to forego. Further, most people know someone who doesn’t wear a seatbelt or someone who constantly texts while driving. We also know when to stay off the road when they are on it. Those are things we can control. It is not hard to put on the seatbelt or put the phone away while driving. But what about the things that are out of our control? You can still plan, or be prepared to recover from the unexpected, by having adequate insurance coverage.

A Real Example

Take this for example, a friend of mine bought a brand new motorcycle a few years back. He put $10,000 down and financed the remaining $10,000. Everything was fine and dandy until one morning he walked outside ready to ride to work only to find his motorcycle had vanished. Of course, the first call he made was the police. The second was his insurance company. He failed to pay his premium on time so his coverage had lapsed. Guess where that left him, $20,000 dollars down the tubes. The bike was never recovered and he’s still paying it off to this day.

Taking steps to ensure that you are covered in instances where the unexpected happens and you’re left stranded can help to decrease the amount of stress in your life. On top of that, if something is to go wrong, you can bounce back to normalcy after the fact with less hassle. This way, you’re not paying off a motorcycle years later that you no longer own or can even use.

Insurance Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought 

You would be surprised at how many people think of insurance as a secondary thing. They put it on the back burner and a lot of times, they forget about it. I want to help my clients realize how good insurance coverage can make all the difference in the world when your luck runs out. Taking shortcuts can be the difference between prospering financially and being ruined financially.  Control the things you can but be prepared for the things that you can’t by contacting a Pablo Beach Insurance Group Agent today.

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