Although it has been a relatively quite Tropical Season so far, we know that it only takes one. Even a glancing blow could have a major impact on the State of Florida and its residents and businesses. In our continued effort to bring you relevant information this storm season, today we look at a fun but serious topic – house parties.

Typical Storm Warning Process

If you have lived in Florida for any amount of time, you probably know how must Hurricane Warnings go.

  1. We all start watching the formation of a tropical system
  2. It starts to track towards the state
  3. We start checking the surf report every few hours to see when the expected swell is going to hit
  4. The storm continues to track towards us and we start to panic
  5. We run around like crazy trying to do last minute preparations
  6. At that last minute, it veers off

We are not suggesting that you should take any hurricane or tropical storm warning lightly at all. However, we here at PBIG are realists and we know what happens when the threat is lifted and we are left with a day off of work/school. Step 7 – hurricane party.

Hurricane Parties

Hurricane parties are certainly a staple in the coastal towns where we live and work, especially in our younger years. While attending one or hosting one is almost a right of passage as a Florida resident, there are some things to consider.

House parties increase your popularity but increase your liability

Yes, you will be revered by your friends and acquaintances for throwing an epic hurricane party. But, having guests in your home expose you to liability. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of throwing a party and understand the many ways you exposure yourself to liability. For example, someone could slip and fall due to all the rain and injure themselves at your home. If you have food or even professional catering, someone could get food poisoning. Again, if alcohol is served, you could be liable for injuries even if someone gets injured on their way home because they were driving drunk.

Size of the guest list

Planning on having a few of your close friends over? You know the word will spread quickly if you are throwing an exceptional event. The question becomes, how big a party is too big for your homeowner’s insurance to provide coverage? It depends. All insurance companies are different, and most of their policies are different too. Check with your insurance agent to be sure that you are covered.

If alcohol is going to be involved or served to your guests, then you may need additional third party liability coverage.

Damages or theft

You have probably heard about Johnny Manziel’s house party which caused over $32,000 in damages, or the teens who were arrested for a party which caused over $45,000 in damages. Assuming you don’t have any of them on your guest list, you know even your closest friends can get a little out of control at times.

With all insurance policies, it will depend on what your policy covers when it comes to any damages or theft of property. Typically, though, events like a house party may not be covered by your renters insurance or home insurance. You may need a special event or umbrella insurance policy to be adequately protected.

Control what you can

You can’t control everything that happens with a storm or party, but you can make sure you are well protected. Almost one third of all homeowners do not think that they could be held responsible for a guest’s behavior, accidents, or injuries after they leave the party.

Ensure that you are properly insured and that your assets are protected when you have a party.

Tips for throwing a safe house party

Before the Party

  • Plan your guest list and site for hosting the event. If using social media to get the word out about your impromptu hurricane party, set your Facebook event invitation to private to keep your party on your terms.
  • Designate sober host(s) to monitor the event and ensure a safe party
  • Let your neighbors know that you’ll be throwing a party and give them contact information so they’ll call a sober host before they call the police. It’s always a good idea to invite them to keep them on your good side :).
  • Plan to serve water, non-alcoholic drinks and provide snacks for guests, especially for those under 21.
  • Coordinate parking so no one gets towed.

During the Party

  • Have one main entrance to regulate who you want at the party.
  • Close doors to bedrooms and private areas to protect your personal belongings and property.
  • Keep the party people and drinks on your property and away from neighbors – especially those with pets or children.
  • Have sober monitors to keep an eye on your guests for possible signs of alcohol poisoning and stop service of alcohol to intoxicated guests and those acting with aggressive behavior.
  • Shut it down if your party gets out of your control. Call 911 if you have to.
  • Make sure your guests get home safely! Plan to have DDs available or give local transportation a call. Remember, as a party host, you’re liable for the actions of people who leave your party intoxicated.

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