Nearly everyone knows it is a good idea to stay on top of their homeowner’s, health, and life insurance policies. They also know, depending on their region, that they should have up to date flood or zombie insurance. You read that right, zombie insurance. Zombie insurance coverage is necessary throughout the year, especially in dense population areas. But with that time of year coming up of ghosts, ghouls and zombies about, it is more important than ever!

Zombie Insurance?

Zombie insurance coverage plans are there to protect you and your family from damages and losses of property directly related to zombie attacks. Further, they protect you and your loved ones from single or multiple bites that break the skin and any costs associated with the treatment of those bites, including fighting infections. The basic plans will cover those minor damages, losses and bites but if you want more, you can go to the higher coverage plans that include solitary quarantine for extended periods of time, coverage against a quickly spreading infection or worse.

As evidenced by The Walking Dead craze, society is becoming more and more accepting of the zombie culture and letting the infected roam the streets. This drastically increases your chances of being bitten and needing to fight an infection that your typical health insurance won’t cover. Therefore, staying up to date on your coverage is pertinent to making it through the Hallow’s eve and the rest of the year.

Safety Tips

To feel more secure in your daily life, after getting zombie insurance coverage, keep the following around to ward off the undead:

  • A metal bat does the trick. Zombies are notoriously slow, so taking a swing from close range shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

  • A 2×4 works wonders, as well!

  • 12-foot high metal fencing around your property.

  • A deadbolt on each door.

  • Reinforced glass around the house.

  • Or our personal favorite and least costly item, Candy. Candy seems to work when they show up at your house with pillowcases, grocery bags, and they’re closest superhero friends yelling “trick or treat” or some such nonsense.

Ok, Seriously Though…

Because Zombies aren’t real and the Zombie-apocalypse isn’t projected to happen any time soon, we will continue to offer most other types of insurance to keep you and your family happy, healthy and protected.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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