To know if a piece of content is worthwhile, one measure is to see if people never get tired of re-watching or rereading it. Whether it’s the hit television show Arrested Development or the classic movie Endless Summer, most people never turn down an opportunity to quote “the money is in the banana stand” or kicking back on the couch to watch people travel the world surfing with a twangy, guitar-driven instrumental soundtrack — even if they’ve already watched it 20 times.

While we would never equate our recent insurance articles to these classic works of art, we were interested in what interested you this year.

Check out the content our readers had on repeat in 2019.


Our New “Commerical”

Jacksonville Insurance Done Right | Pablo Beach Insurance

This is NOT an average "commercial" and we are not a typical insurance agency. Take 3-minutes to see why you should insure what matters most to you with Pablo Beach. We are locally owned, with a casual approach and deliver professional results.Contact us at 904-224-7000 or info@pablobeach.shapiroinsurancegroup.com

Posted by Pablo Beach Insurance Group on Friday, November 8, 2019

Hurricane Season Preparations

Hurricane Season 2019 Preparations

Please share- Free Hurricane Preparedness Guide! ✅While the #hurricanedorian path is still uncertain, we know for certain that we will feel some effects from it. That could be power outages, flooding, wind damage, etc. We are happy to see and hear reports of water being sold out, and Jacksonville residents preparing now.We recorded this video a few weeks ago and decided to release it now. PLEASE make sure you do the necessary things to prepare for not only this storm but the rest of this seasonYou can follow this link to download our FREE Hurricane Preparedness Guide http://bit.ly/34blhNFStay safe out there, folks!

Posted by Pablo Beach Insurance Group on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Florida Specialty Insurance Issue in Florida

Florida Specialty Insurance issue in Florida

If you are a homeowner, please watch this video in its entirety and please share it. Florida Specialty who had over 91,000 policies in Florida is no longer doing business in the state effective 11/1. This is a prime example of why going with the cheapest insurance option is not always the smart way to go.Learn more about this in the video and contact us at 904-224-7000 to see if we can step in and help you. We want to make sure our Florida neighbors are protected with adequate insurance.

Posted by Pablo Beach Insurance Group on Thursday, October 10, 2019

In Conclusion

That concludes our 2019 recap. We thank you for “tuning in” to our content this year. We will continue to provide great content in 2020 and plan to produce even more. If you have questions or would like us to cover a topic or cause you care about, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out with any topics you would like us to address.

Happy Holidays from Pablo Beach Insurance Group!

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