Florida Residents have unique insurance needs, particularly when it comes to needing comprehensive risk management and insurance plans. From unique modes of transportation that require insurance to harsh weather conditions that mandate the need for flood insurance, it’s important that you stay on top of protecting yourself with the right policies. Here’s a look at five different types of insurance that are commonly needed by people living in Florida.

Hurricane Insurance

Every year, residents of Florida are usually a victim of one or more hurricanes. Your regular Florida homeowner’s policy may provide some type of hurricane coverage, making it imperative to understand what is and is not covered. Depending on where you live in Florida, you may need a more comprehensive “hurricane insurance policy“. With the right policy in place, you can have great peace of mind in knowing you are covered against damage caused by flying objects that result from high winds. However, depending on the strength of the wind, damages may either be covered by your homeowners policy or covered under a separate hurricane insurance plan when the winds are stronger.

Flood Insurance

Your homeowner’s policy most likely does not provide any type of flood coverage. As a resident of Florida, having flood coverage is of the utmost importance. Did you know that flood policies don’t normally go into effect until 30 days after you have signed up for one? This makes getting a flood policy as soon as possible all the more important.

Coastal Home Insurance

With coastal home insurance, you have a way to protect your high-end investment property. This type of insurance covers homes that sit within 1,000 feet of the coastline, which makes these homes highly susceptible to damage from high winds and water. And since no two coastal homes are the same, it’s important that your coastal home insurance is customized to meet your specific insurance needs.

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The Rising Use of Golf Carts as a Form of Transportation

With the weather in Florida being mostly pleasant year-round, many Jacksonville FL drivers of all ages are using golf carts as a primary form of transportation. This is especially true for those living in retirement communities as well as in or near planned communities. Golf carts are extremely fuel-efficient and much less expensive to purchase and maintain when compared to standard vehicles. But saving money isn’t the only reason many residents in Jacksonville are using golf carts as a primary mode of transportation. Some of them enjoy the reduced environmental impact that golf carts provide. Even the ones that are gas-powered don’t produce near as many emissions as the standard car or truck.

Additionally, many drivers of golf carts enjoy the fact that these small units don’t go very fast, with most having a max speed of 25 mph. This reduced speed means a lesser likelihood of accidents. However, it should be noted that golf carts don’t provide the type of protection that you’ll find in a regular vehicle, such as airbag protection during a crash.

How about a Boat?

While Florida law doesn’t require boat insurance for personal usage, your personal protection plan should include it. Boat insurance can provide coverage for the following:

  • YOU if someone is injured in a boating accident with you
  • Injuries to someone involved in a boating accident with you
  • Damage your boat may cause to someone else’s property
  • Damages to your boat (as we whisper the name “Matthew”)
  • Damages to your property or injuries to you and your passengers if there’s an accident with another boat without insurance
  • Repair or replacement of items in your boat

While your home insurance policy may provide very limited coverage for smaller boats on your property, the general rule of thumb is most large items that have their own specific type of insurance available to them can only be covered by that specific insurance. So, if you have a boat, your best bet is to have it insured with boat insurance.”

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