If you’re in the market for auto, commercial, medicare, flood or home insurance, you have various options for finding the policies you need. You can work with a captive agent, an independent insurance agent or buy your policies directly from an insurance company online. By researching these options, you’ll have a better understanding of what each has to offer so you can choose the one that works best for you. Here are some major differences between the three.

Buying Directly Online

Buying directly from an insurer online can be a quick way of purchasing insurance. You can research what different companies have to offer online, check their rates and get a quote for the coverage you need. Buying online, however, has its limitations. There’s no real customer service or opportunity to customize your coverage. If you have problems with your coverage, there’s no one you can go back to for the personal assistance you need. Plus, you are the one doing all the work and hoping your decision is the best choice to protect you.

Captive Agent

Captive insurance agents are those that work with one insurance company as full-time employees or independent contractors. An experienced captive agent will be knowledgeable about the products his/her company has to offer and be able to guide you in making wise insurance decisions within their company’s area of expertise. If you want to do business with a specific insurance company in Jacksonville, working with a captive agent from that firm can save you time and money in helping you secure the policies you need.

Independent Insurance Agent

An independent insurance agent isn’t tied down to just one company and is free to offer options from various insurance companies to help fulfill your insurance needs. An agent that works with multiple insurance companies has greater flexibility to find plans suited to your budget, lifestyle and financial portfolio.

If you are comparison shopping for insurance in Jacksonville and want to know the best deals, an independent insurance agent can provide you with the information you need. He or she can inform you of what different companies in the area have to offer, check their rates and acquire quotes quickly to aid you in making good insurance choices. Working with multiple companies makes an independent insurance agent more competitive in his field.

By establishing a rapport with your independent insurance agent, you can take advantage of his services for years to come. If you decide to change carriers in the future, you can still retain your agent’s services to help you find a new company. Your independent insurance agent can even help you make a claim, if and when you have a need.

The key to a successful insurance buying experience is working with an agent you can trust. At Pablo Beach Insurance Group in Jacksonville, you’ll work with experienced independent insurance agents who have your best interests at heart. We love our clients and they love us. That is why we are voted #1 in the 904 three-years in a row!

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