For Jacksonville homeowners, home insurance is an essential tool for protecting your family from catastrophic losses if a covered event happens to your home. A standard homeowners insurance policy offers protection to the structure of your home (the house itself) as well as for your belongings (the contents of your home).

Different companies offer a variety of homeowner’s insurance packages that include a variety of other coverages, including general liability protection and additional living expenses or loss of use coverage for times when your home is uninhabitable while repairs are being made for covered losses.

What Types of Property Can You Buy Jacksonville Home Insurance For?

Once referred to as homeowner’s insurance, home insurance today is a different animal. In addition to traditional houses, you can purchase home insurance for the following:

  • Rental Units.
  • Mobile Homes.
  • Modular Homes.
  • Condos.
  • Co-Op Apartments.

As you can see, there is a home insurance policy available for practically every type of home. If yours isn’t listed, be sure to contact one of our agents to see what type of home insurance policy will best meet your needs and protect your home and your belongings.

What are Covered Losses and Events?

There are a variety of specific events insurance coverage for your home provides protection from. They include things like:

  • Fire.
  • Storms.
  • Hail.
  • Lightning.
  • Tornadoes.
  • Frozen Plumbing.
  • Theft.
  • Vandalism.

Each policy is different and will have its own exclusions and coverage amounts and limits. But these are the basics of home insurance coverage.

It’s important to understand that most home insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood. You will need to purchase separate coverage for this.

If own high-value items, antiques, or collectibles, you may also wish to seek specific coverage for these items as your standard home insurance protection may be inadequate to replace these items.

How Much Home Insurance Do You Need?

This is a question you’ll have to work out with your insurance agent. There are many variables involved – not just covering the cost of your mortgage if your home is ever damaged or destroyed, but doing the following as well:

  • Meeting current code requirements.
  • Removing construction debris and personal effects.
  • The costs of materials to repair or rebuild your home.
  • Inflation rates in Jacksonville and nearby areas.
  • Improvements you’ve made since purchasing the home.

All these things, and more influence the replacement cost of your home and should be considered carefully when making decisions about the appropriate amount of coverage for your home and the needs of your family.

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